Modern GIS & Spatial SQL Gear

Grab some modern GIS and spatial SQL gear!

Modern GIS Tech Stack

On any given day I use a random mix of tools for different GIS tasks. Most of my time is spent in CARTO and any given cloud data warehouse such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, or Snowflake, but I also use PostGIS locally or in the cloud.

For data engineering most times I start out with GDAL on the command line or Python in a Jupyter notebook. For analytics and data science I try and start with SQL. If that doesn't work I use Python where I use PySAL for spatial data science..

When building apps I love React/Redux and CARTO for React which uses DeckGL. I use QGIS for a myriad of tasks and have been using H3, XGBoost, Airbyte, OSMnx, Apache Sedona/Spark, and more for other tasks.

Content Creation

When I started making YouTube videos my goal was to bootstrap it as much as I can. Here is how I did it:

I already had:

  • MacBook Pro: I already use this for my day to day
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Great camera but you can use any phone camera