🌍 Here are my favorite posts and guides for learning spatial SQL

Spatial SQL is one of, if not the most important tools I use in my geospatial career. It is central to so many different problems and use cases, and these guides are meant to help you get started!

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Check out my new book on Spatial SQL with 500+ pages to help you go from SQL novice to spatial SQL pro.


Get started with my favorite resources for spatial SQL

Learn Spatial SQL


The case for using spatial SQL and why it matters


Set up PostGIS with QGIS in about 4 minutes with this guide

How to get started with spatial SQL

A great guide if you are learning SQL and spatial SQL from the beginning

Tapping into the power of spatial SQL aggregations

Take it to the next level by grouping and aggregating your data

Learn Spatial SQL

Join all the things in spatial SQL

Perform complex and large scale joins and spatial joins in SQL